How to Choose a Self Defense Class

The interest in self defense courses is on the rise and this vital class work is now available in most communities across the country. The most popular courses are designed for women and may be mastered by most physical sizes and fitness levels. The hope is that you will never have to use these skills, but it’s essential to be instructed in self defense and be able to handle yourself in case of emergency.There are a multitude of factors when choosing your self defense course such as class times, fees and locality of the program. And when selecting the courses that are right for you, be sure to exhaust the lower cost programs and seek out those that are free.1. Police Departments.Be sure to check with your local police department or sheriff for self defense classes conducted by police officers. They not only provide excellent instruction on the self defense maneuvers, but will also offer valuable insight on added safety measures. The police agency courses may also offer mace and pepper spray classes and valuable knowledge should you choose to get a license for a gun. No one knows the self defense industry better than a police officer and they can provide life saving know-how when it comes to spotting a dangerous individual on the streets or in a parking lot.

2. City Hall.Check with your city hall office for city or county programs available in your area. In some cases, the city hall office may direct you to the district’s park and recreation program which offer convenient evening and weekend courses.3. Telephone Directory.Private institutions will advertise in a telephone directory, and although they might be convenient for year round class time, they tend to be more expensive than the city programs. However, if you need the self defense course right away, the Yellow Pages will put you in touch with a qualified training program. Some states provide a license and certification for their self defense trainers, so be sure to check the credentials of all schools that interest you. In addition, before you sign up, have a face to face meeting with the instructor and be sure you are comfortable with him or her. There should be no personality conflicts or communication difficulties that would hinder your progress in the class.4. Colleges.Community colleges are an excellent resource to take your self defense classes for a nominal fee. In many states, anyone may register for self enrichment courses and pay the basic registration fee. However, in some states, such as California, if you hold a Bachelor’s degree the community college fees will triple. Check online for the community colleges in your neighborhood and click on their online course catalog to find your classes.

5. Buddy System.Once you have located that perfect place for your self defense courses, ask a friend to sign up with you. The buddy system is a great way to stay motivated and it helps to wash away the shyness when around strangers. When you encourage each other, the sky’s the limit for what you will be able to do in your classes. Remember to get involved and participate in every maneuver. Watching might be fun, but doing gets the job done.